Most Played online casino games in UK Cities: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Bristol

Does unwinding after a long work week mean a few dollars on an online slot machine or a classic casino game for you?

Then welcome to the world of the best online casino games in England!

Thousands of players play the latest online casino games daily in the UK. Interestingly, the genre or specific games favoured by players differ from place to place. Choosing the best online casino games in the UK involves much more than examining their bonuses. The most popular games are known for their quality, graphics, aesthetics, fun levels, security measures, and many other factors. At a credible online casino like SlotKing Casino, these choices tend to be characterised by high quality and diversity.

Here’s a quick peek at the various online casino games that are popular in each of the top 5 cities in the UK:

5 Top Cities in the UK and their Most Popular Online Casino Games


Our records indicate that most players in the capital city prefer Starburst, the online slot game. There is no better game for newcomers to learn quickly and for experienced players to enjoy.

Starburst stands out for its straightforward gameplay and simple mechanics. The game also has attractive graphics and high RTP percentages on SlotKing Casino. The games include various features, including free spins and re-spins, making it a popular choice for the best online casino in London.


There is a strong demand for online slot games among Manchester's players. And among the most popular would be the Book of Dead and the Legacy of Dead slot games. These games stand out from the crowd with their featuring of Indiana Jones aesthetics and an ‘Ancient Egypt’ theme. They rank high on listings for top online casino in Manchester and online casino in Scotland.

These games are favoured amongst players for the high possibility of enormous jackpots with an extremely high RTP. Online casino platforms like SlotKingCasino frequently offer excellent bonuses and spins for these games without requiring codes for you to enjoy.


The number of players playing online roulette in Birmingham is soaring daily. Due to their unique styles and bonuses, European Roulette and Silver Roulette are among the most popular roulette games favoured by the casino enthusiasts in the City of a Thousand Trades.

Rated highly at online casino in Birmingham, like SlotkingCasino, the games are thrilling and dramatic with high payouts. Several entertaining roulette variations are sure to keep your heart pumping.


The city of The Beatles and the Liverpool F.C. has its casino lovers playing to the tunes of classic Blackjack. And for that classic experience of luck and strategy, players choose Atlantic City Blackjack and Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo, among others.

Once mastered, these blackjack games are an exciting way to win some money. And when you play these games on SlotKingCasino, you do not have to worry about your security. A highly popular and safe platform for online casino U.K, SlotkingCasino has both experts and novices thronging for the Blackjack series in casino in Liverpool as well as Irish online casino.


There is a growing interest in slot games among players in Bristol. Unsurprisingly, Rainbow Riches and Ted rank high in popularity. Players can receive free bonuses and spins regularly by playing these games at SlotKingCasino.

Being one among the best online casinos in England, SlotkingCasino offers its players access to top games for high rewards due to high RTP. With intriguing themes, strong graphics, and attractive designs, these games aim to provide players with an experience like no other.

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