Live Online Casino Games - A Thing You Must Experience

Want to get a feel of live casino while sitting on the couch of your bedroom? Well, yes it's very much possible here at SlotKingCasino. You get the thrill and feel of a live casino by placing the virtual bet on your favorite table. The spinning of the wheel and shuffling of cards are so real that you feel you are actually sitting in a live casino.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

Table game where a player bets on a number, or combination of numbers to win.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

This card game lets a player compete against the delater to win if value of card count is more.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

This card game comes with many variation. It's eventualy a card camparision game.

Live Poker

Live Poker

Live Poker has many variations. The rules of the game are explained by the dealer while playing.

ABC Of How To Play Live Casino

Streaming is the technlogy that's used for live casino. Live actions of dealers are streamed on your computer or smartphone; and you can actually chat with the dealers in real time.

During the game you get to see the table on your screen. You happen to select the bet and the amount you want to wager.

The terms used in live casinos are:

Live Dealer - Real-live person with whom you can play casino games.

Chips - A disc type object that substitutes current in the game. They can be of various shape and values.

Bet - Amount of money that a player puts on an odd.

Bankroll - Amount of money that a player puts aside to play the game.

Jackpot - Relatively bigger amount of money. It may be accumulation of winnings from previous stakes. We may also call it Grand Prize.

Progressive Jackpot - A jackpot which increases it value every time a game is played and jackpot is NOT won. When progressive jackpot is finally won, it's value is reset to a predetermined value.

Types of Live Casino Games

Primarly there are table and card games in live Casino. Some of the popular games are:

Live Roulette - It's a table game where you can place bet on a number or group of numbers. The choices are in the form of Red/Black, Odd/Even, Dozen bets, and Column bet.

Live Baccarat - This is a card game. In this game, in order to win, you happen to have cards whose cummulative (hand) value must be higher than that of live dealer's cards. If the hand value is same the round ends up in a tie. But, again, the player can chose on whose hand he wants to bet. He can bet on the dealer's hand. In that case if dealer's hand value is more than that of player's, player wins. There are many variation of such games which can be found on SlotKingCasino.

Live Blackjack - This also is a card game where cards values are compared.If the card value count of a player is more than that of the dealer (but less than 21), the player wins. A hand is blackjack when the sum of the values of the first two cards is exactaly 21. Here a player always competes against the dealer and not against any player.

Live Poker - This is a card game. A player play against the live dealer. There are various type of live pokers and rules slightly changes in those games.The wins are rewarded with amounts and bonus. In a Three Card Poker some of the bonus that one can try are: Pair Plus, 6 Card Bonus, Ante Bonus, et al.

On SlotKingCasino you get to play all sort of live casino games. Have real casino feeling siiting on your couch with real money wins.