Real Money Exciting Live Roulette Games at SlotKingCasino

Land-based and online casinos both have long relied on roulette as a mainstay game. But when it comes to Live Roulette, the advantages are more playing at an online casino than land-based casino . SlotKingCasino is proud to offer a wide variety of live dealer Roulette games to our players, making it easier than ever to enjoy thrilling live roulette experiences. From scintillating live roulette games to electrifying live-dealer games, we like to think we have a Roulette title suitable for nearly all of our players.

Roulette is the wheel game which uses a small ball to rotate in the wheel. The correct prediction of stopping point of the ball make a player win. There are a few Roulette games with some variations. Some of the featured blakjacks games are:

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

Live VIP Roulette

Live VIP Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette

Live Immersive Roulette

Live Immersive Roulette

Live French Roulette

Live French Roulette

Live Auto VIP Roulette

Live Auto VIP Roulette

Steps To Follow While Playing Live Roulette

After logging into your SlotKingCasino account, visit the online casino lobby to begin playing your favourite games. You have the option of searching for a particular Live Roulette Game, or you can click on the tab labelled "Live Casino" to view the comprehensive list of Live Casino games .

Playing Table:

It is possible that some tables at a Live Casino are inactive because the dealer is taking a break.

Choose Your Bets:

In order to place your first bet, you must wait until the current game has ended before entering the Roulette table. Place the chip or chips you want to bet on the betting table by clicking on them. In addition to within and outside bets, the racecourse bets are also offered. It's easy to lose track of what you're betting on by moving your mouse over one of the possibilities. The betting table will then show you all of the possible winning numbers. As soon as the countdown clock reaches "0," all bets are voided and the game is over. To receive your winnings, the Roulette ball must land in one of the designated pockets.

Next Bet:

Regardless of whether you win or lose, you have a variety of options for your next turn. Rebet if you're satisfied with your prior bets and your chips will be placed in the same places. Doubling your prior wager is a frequent practice among players who employ any of the many betting methods we'll go over in the following paragraphs. Make a new bet by clicking on your chips and selecting a new spot on the betting table.

Commonly Used Roulette Wheels in Casinos

Roulette games that are played using software are referred to by a variety of various names. Roulette Pro, Lightning Roulette, and High-Stakes Roulette are just a few of the titles you'll encounter. A roulette wheel's number of green zero-segment segments is the most essential consideration when choosing a game.

There are two main types of roulette wheels:

  • The European wheel: One green zero stands out among the 36 rows and columns of red and black numbers.
  • The US wheel: There are two portions of this one that are green. The first is a 0 and the second is a 00.

The longer you play, the more important the number of zeroes on the wheel becomes to your long-term success. While the house edge on single-zero wheels is 2.7%, it rises to 5.26% with the addition of the second zero. This means that if you have a choice, you should always go with the European wheel.

Wheels with a third 'triple zero' are becoming more common in larger live casinos. This version is currently unavailable online and should be avoided at all costs.

'French Roulette,' as it is known in some casinos, is an option. The best odds of any roulette game can be found here. If you bet 50/50, you will receive half your money refunded if the ball lands in the solitary green zero segment on the European wheel. Red/Black wagers and other 50/50 wagers, as well as inside bets such as single numbers or splits, all contribute to the house edge. Compared to other roulette games, the house edge in this game is quite modest at 1.35 percent.

The Key Strategies In Live Roulette

Roulette is a popular online casino game because of the assumption that you can win if you adopt the correct approach. Strategies based on mathematical calculations based on 50% probability of winning are flawed because the odds in European Roulette are 48.60%.


When using the martingale technique, players must double their wagers after each loss. Assuming you have a 50/50 chance of winning back your initial investment, this is a logical conclusion. Without an unlimited bankroll and no maximum bet, you run the risk of not being able to double your wager while using the martingale strategy.


In this technique, instead of doubling your bets after a loss, you double your bets after winning. Players benefit from this because they don't have to hope for a win in order to recoup their losses.


Risk/reward ratios are minimal with the D'Alembart approach. To play this game, instead of doubling your wager, you just add or remove a chip of the same size. When you win, you get to add more chips, and when you lose, you get to take away more chips. The advantage of this strategy is that winning streaks result in greater rewards, while losing streaks aren't followed by a frantic attempt to recover your chips.


This is another low-risk approach that only works with outside bets that are split 50/50. After a loss, you'll need to sum up all of your previous wagers. As an illustration, if you wager £1 and lose, your next wager will also be £1, given your previous two wagers were 0 and 1. Adding up the previous two £1 wagers, the bet will be £2 on the next loss and £3 on the following one (2+1). Once you have placed a bet on a winner, you can return to the beginning of the series and begin the process again.

Constant Bet

This approach is suitable for players who aren't wanting to win a lot of money but rather prefer to play for a long amount of time at the table. Your chances of winning and losing are roughly equal because your bet remains constant and the odds are close to 50 percent.

Set yourself a budget regardless of your preferred money management or betting method, and stay with it. Be aware that the odds are somewhat in favour of the house, and one bad spin can wipe out your entire bankroll if you aren't attentive.

Online Roulette with Real Money at SlotKingCasino

There are two types of live dealer roulette games: European (with a single 0) and American (with a double 0). We, at SlotKingCasino, do the same for our customers by providing them with the best live dealer roulette games available.

Lightning Roulette

This is an Evolution Gaming live roulette game that may be found at many online casinos. Up to five numbers are drawn at random and multipliers of up to 500x are assigned to these numbers after everyone places their bets. To win the multiplier, you must bet on a number with one of these multipliers. If you place a $10 bet on the number 18 in a real money roulette game with a 100x multiplier, you'll walk away with $1,000.

Auto Roulette

Isn't it possible to play roulette in a live casino without a real dealer? There is no dealer in auto roulette, which is broadcast live from a specialised studio. As a result, you can play between 60 and 80 games an hour with this method. This live roulette game is a good option if you'd want to play at a faster pace.

Bonuses at Best Roulette Casino

Obviously, the greatest online roulette casino should offer the best online casino bonus or the best live casino bonus for playing roulette. Are you willing to risk some of your hard-earned cash on a game of online roulette?

It's possible to find online casino bonuses that may be utilised to play online roulette every now and then, but you have to be on the lookout for them because they're so rare.

The best online casino bonus for roulette also relies on whatever online roulette version you choose to play. Do you like to play live roulette at a casino? Then you'll have to hunt for a bonus for playing in a live casino. An online casino bonus is all you need if you want to play computer-based roulette.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, always read the terms and conditions of any roulette casino offer you find. Make sure you're aware of any rules, time limits, or wagering requirements before you play.

The following are the kind of online roulette bonuses to search for:

  • Welcome Bonus - If so, welcome to our company! With the extra cash, you might try your luck at playing online roulette.
  • Deposit Bonus - When you make a deposit at an online casino, you are eligible for a bonus known as a deposit bonus.
  • Free Spins - It's a fantastic treat to be able to spin the roulette wheel for free at an online casino!
  • Cashback Bonus - For those times when you lose, the cashback incentive gives you back a portion of your bets.