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Online backjack, as the name suggests, is the online version of blackjack game. Online games are played over internet. Online blackjack is simulated video which can be interacted with the help of menu items present. The different in offline and online blackjack comes in terms of shuffling and outcome. The shuffling of card in online blackjack happens almost every time and card is produced with the help of random number generator (RNG).

Some player may not find the online blackjack comfortable, so to give a fee of real blackjack which is played in land based casino, online casino has something called live blackjack. Live blackjack is played in real time with a live dealer sitting in her blackjack room while the player can play from anywhere. The player and the dealer can interact live with the help of live streaming technology which bring live video of dealer’s action into the player’s device. It’s like watching a live game (for example football). The cards are shuffled by the dealer and she only collects the bet amount and control the game like it happens in land based casino. A player finds no much difference. Online blackjack although is fair in every aspect, is doubted by the players which causes trust deficit. Live blackjack addresses all such concerns.

The benefits of playing online blackjack or live blackjack is that a player gets number of variations in the game. Sometime online casinos give player more chances of winning by tweaking some rules. These changes in rule come in terms of payout, side bet, number of decks used etc. These changes bring more variations in the games. Therefore, many variation of these games are found. Some of the example of these variations are: 3D blackjack, single deck blackjack, European blackjack, Vegas strip etc

online 3D Blackjack

3D Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo

online European Blackjack

European Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack online

Single Deck Blackjack

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip

Objective in online blackjack game for a player is to beat the dealer by reaching close to 21 or exactly 21 without crossing it.21 is nothing but the value of cards. Each card has a value as mention below:
Ace =1 or 11.
2-10= Same as the number on the card i.e. 2 face card has value equals to 2.
Jack (J), King (K), Queen(Q) = 10.
When the value of cards is exactly 21, it’s called natural blackjack.

Understanding the Online Blackjack Game

Let us first understand the terms that are used while playing online blackjack or 21 card game

Dealer: Person(s) who deals/distribute the cards.

Side Bets - The bet that a player can place apart from the hand bet. There are many types of side bets.

Stand: When a player does not want additional card from the dealer (other than the first two dealt initially).

Hit: When a player wants additional card from the dealer (other than the first two dealt initially).

Bust: When a player's cards value have gone over 21

Push: When player and dealer's card values are same and it's a tie.

Split: When a player has two cards of same value. The player is free to play them as separate bets.

Double Down: When a player doubles the initial bet after he receives initial two cards and an additional card.

Insurance: When a player chooses insurance he can make a side bet of up to half the initial bet against the dealer.

Flush: When all cards are suited.

Straight: When all cards are consecutive.

Three-of-a-kind: When three cards are of the same value/face.

Straight Flush: When cards are consecutive and of same suit.

Suited Triple: when it's three of the same card.

Mixed pair: When the two cards are of the same value but different suit and colour.

Coloured pair: When the two cards are of the same value and same colour.

Perfect pair: When the two cards are same.

How to Play Online Blackjack- SlotKing casino

Blackjack is a simple game and does not require much understanding. To some extent it depends on your luck on a particular day, but a proper planning and some risk can ensure a big win. So, let's see what this is and how the Blackjack Game is played.

The rules of the Blackjack games are:

Once wager is made, dealer will deal/distibute two cards, initially, to all the players, including themselves.

Players need to decide if they want to stand (don't want another card) or hit (want another card whose value will be added to that of initially dealt two cards) depending on the values of those card in their hands. But the idea is the total value of the cards must never cross 21 in any round

Players are playing against the dealers too that means players also try to reach closer to 21 (and not more).

Once two cards are dealt, a player can make side bet or additional bet based on players' first two cards (which is not shown by players, but player is free to take a guess and do mental calculation), and dealer's upcard (showing card).

Depending upon the combination of cards, player or the dealer wins. The amount of wins depands on the type of side bets and hand bet.

Type Of Side Bets in Blackjack game

There are three popular sides bets in a blackjack game:

Insurance: In this side bet a player can bet up to half the initial bet to cover himself, against the dealer's blackjack, if the dealer has an ace face up. The payout is 2:1 if it's dealer's blakjack.

Perfect Pairs: This side bets is based on players' card. Although the payout varries from casinos to casinos, here are the normal combination and payout:

  1. Mixed pair: 5:1
  2. Coloured pair: 12:1
  3. Perfect pair: 25:1

21 + 3: This side bet uses initially dealt two cards of players and the dealer's upcard. The combination and payout here are:

  1. Flush: 5:1
  2. Straight: 10:1
  3. Three of a kind: 30:1
  4. Straight Flush: 40:1
  5. Suited Triple: 100:1

Other less popular side bets are:

Royal Match: Here the payout is 5:2 for any suited player; and 25:1 for suited king and queen.

Over/under 13: A win happens for predicting if players' card value is under 13 or above 13. Some casinos also allow to bet if the prediction is exactly 13.

Super sevens: This side bets pays out if a player is dealt one or more 7s

Lucky ladies: Here the payout is 5:2 for any suited player; and 25:1 for suited king and queen.

Dealer’s rule in blackjack online casinos game

Dealers are special players in blackjack game, the rules for dealers are therefore a bit different than the players. Real blackjack may have more house edge. An online casino may change some rules for dealer to give advantage to player. A player therefore is expected to be aware of these rule before playing online blackjack. Some of the common rules for the dealers are:

  • If total value of cards if equals to or more than 17, the dealer cannot take more card. He must stand.
  • If the dealer has 6 or more value card and an ace, he must count the ace as 11 and NOT 1.
  • Double down or split pair rule can’t be used by the dealers.

What are the basic strategies in online blackjack?

Although a player does not have any control over which first two cards he would get, but there are some basic strategies that he can adopt to get the best result from those two cards and the card available with the dealer. Dealer’s first card is up-card means everybody can see that card. A player must make strategy after seeing the up-card of the dealer. These are the most logical strategies based on what the up- card of the dealer is:

  • Case 1 : Dealer’s up-facing card is of high value i.e. an ace or 7,8, 9, or 10. In this case player can ask for more cards as there is high chances of low value card still being dealt means chances for a player going burst is low.
  • Case 2: Dealer’s up-card is low value card i.e. 4,5, or 6. In this case the player should for hit unless he reaches 12 or more. This will leave high value cards for dealer and chances for dealer going burst can increase.
  • Case 3: Dealer’s up-card is 2,3. In this case the player must try to reach 13 or more by taking hitting the hit option. Once he is 13 or more, he must stand leaving high value cards for the dealer and creating situation for him going burst.

Moreover, if a player has an ace, he must try to reach 18 i.e. by taking cards of values up to 7; beyond this the chances of him going burst can increase.

When to do Double down in online blackjack?

Double down in online blackjack means doubling the bet by the player. When should a player double down his bet amount? Of course, when there are chances of him beating the dealer means reaching closer to 21 or getting a natural blackjack.

Players are allowed to do double down when the cards values of first two dealt cards is either 9, 10 or 11. These values come when the player has following pairs {2,7), {2,8}, {2,9}, {3,6},{3,7},{3,8},{4,5},{4,6},{4,7},{5,5},{5,6}.

On a particular case when the player has {5,5}, he can:

  • Play usual, or
  • Double down, or
  • Split Pair

Tips for doing double down in online blackjack:

  • Always go for double down when the value of first two cards is 11.
  • If player’s first two cards value is 10 and the dealer’s up-card value is NOT an Ace or 10, the go for double down.
  • If up-card value of dealer is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 and the players’ card value is 9, then go for double down.

When to do Split pair in online blackjack?

Split pair situation comes in online blackjack when a player gets two same value cards like two 5’s or two 7’s cards. In this situation, the player can treat them as two cards separately and bet for each one. He can hit for 1st card and once he stands on that, he can hot for the 2nd card.

A player should go for split pair as per following strategy chart:

If the card is:
  • Ace=> go for split pair as there is high probability of winning with both the cards.
  • 2, 3=> Go for split pair if dealer’s card is not high value ones like 8,9,10, or ace.
  • 4=> It’s recommended to not go for split pair when you have two 4’s.
  • 5=> Same as two 4’s, don’t go for split pair. It’s however recommended to use double down.
  • 6=> In this case go for split pair only if dealer’s up-card value is low value i.e. 2,3,4,5, or 6.
  • 7=>Go for split pair only if dealer’s up-card value is NOT high value i.e., 8,9,10, or ace.
  • 8=>Always go for split pair.
  • 9=> Go for split pair only if dealer’s up-card value is a good value or else don’t split pair.

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Some Frequently asked questions around online blackjack

Can one make real money in online blackjack?

In short, yes. You can definitely make real money playing online blackjack. All you need to do is master the game by learning all the rules and chose a legit online casino to play with. If you have issue with online blackjack and want the real feel, chose the live online blackjack. SlotKing casino hosts online blackjack as well live online blackjack

Can we trust Online Blackjack game?

Any casino game offered by a legit online casino is perfectly trustworthy. Legit online casinos have all the games audited by 3rd party and they adhere to fair play. You need to check if the online casino is legit or not. You can do this by checking the footer of the website where they display the license number. Always cross verify the license number at the website of regulatory body. For example, you can verify the license number on gambling commission website.

What is card counting in blackjack? Is that illegal?

Card counting in blackjack is about predicting the outcome of a hand or better say a player card count to decide whether he should bet high or low to either maximize his win or minimise his loss. Card counting in blackjack not about card tracking, but about predicting the house edge based on dealt cards.

The basic principle behind the card counting is that it high value cards help players more than they do the dealer. Similarly, low value cards help dealer more than they do the players.

In online blackjack, it’s difficult to count card, as the card is shuffled every time it’s dealt. There is algorithm to decide which card will be dealt next. This algorithm is highly unpredictable and it’s powered by random number generator software engine.

Although card counting in blackjack is not illegal and you will not go jail for it, it’s not allowed by the casinos. The simple reason is it alters the house edge. A casino can simply ask player to leave. It’s easy for casinos to track card counter. They keep a check on players through their betting pattern. They also hire past card counters who can catch card counters most of the times.