BlackJack- The Twenty-one game

Blackjack is one of the simple card games which may reward you handsomely if played well. Some of the featured blakjacks games are:

online 3D Blackjack

3D Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo

online European Blackjack

European Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack online

Single Deck Blackjack

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip

Understanding the Blackjack Games

Before we learn how to play the Blackjack game, let us understand the terms that are used while playing it:

Dealer: Person(s) who deals/distribute the cards.

Side Bets - The bet that a player can place apart from the hand bet. There are many types of side bets.

Stand: When a player does not want additional card from the dealer (other than the first two dealt initially).

Hit: When a player wants additional card from the dealer (other than the first two dealt initially).

Bust: When a player's cards value have gone over 21

Push: When player and dealer's card values are same and it's a tie.

Split: When a player has two cards of same value. The player is free to play them as separate bets.

Double Down: When a player doubles the initial bet after he receives initial two cards and an additional card.

Insurance: When a player chooses insurance he can make a side bet of up to half the initial bet against the dealer.

Flush: When all cards are suited.

Straight: When all cards are consecutive.

Three-of-a-kind: When three cards are of the same value/face.

Straight Flush: When cards are consecutive and of same suit.

Suited Triple: when it's three of the same card.

Mixed pair: When the two cards are of the same value but different suit and colour.

Coloured pair: When the two cards are of the same value and same colour.

Perfect pair: When the two cards are same.

ABC Of How To Play Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack is a simple game and does not require much understanding. To some extent it depends on your luck on a particular day, but a proper planning and some risk can ensure a big win. So, let's see what this is and how the Blackjack Game is played.

The rules of the Blackjack games are:

Once wager is made, dealer will deal/distibute two cards, initially, to all the players, including themselves.

Players need to decide if they want to stand (don't want another card) or hit (want another card whose value will be added to that of initially dealt two cards) depending on the values of those card in their hands. But the idea is the total value of the cards must never cross 21 in any round

Players are playing against the dealers too that means players also try to reach closer to 21 (and not more).

Once two cards are dealt, a player can make side bet or additional bet based on players' first two cards (which is not shown by players, but player is free to take a guess and do mental calculation), and dealer's upcard (showing card).

Depending upon the combination of cards, player or the dealer wins. The amount of wins depands on the type of side bets and hand bet.

Type Of Side Bets in Blackjack game

There are three popular sides bets in a blackjack game:

Insurance: In this side bet a player can bet up to half the initial bet to cover himself, against the dealer's blackjack, if the dealer has an ace face up. The payout is 2:1 if it's dealer's blakjack.

Perfect Pairs: This side bets is based on players' card. Although the payout varries from casinos to casinos, here are the normal combination and payout:

  1. Mixed pair: 5:1
  2. Coloured pair: 12:1
  3. Perfect pair: 25:1

21 + 3: This side bet uses initially dealt two cards of players and the dealer's upcard. The combination and payout here are:

  1. Flush: 5:1
  2. Straight: 10:1
  3. Three of a kind: 30:1
  4. Straight Flush: 40:1
  5. Suited Triple: 100:1

Other less popular side bets are:

Royal Match: Here the payout is 5:2 for any suited player; and 25:1 for suited king and queen.

Over/under 13: A win happens for predicting if players' card value is under 13 or above 13. Some casinos also allow to bet if the prediction is exactly 13.

Super sevens: This side bets pays out if a player is dealt one or more 7s

Lucky ladies: Here the payout is 5:2 for any suited player; and 25:1 for suited king and queen.

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