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SlotKingCasino- one of the best online casinos in UK brings a number of online slots and online casino games that give you terrific experience. There is always some fascinating game being uploaded for you to have an exciting spinning experience and thrilling wins. Those who are new to this experience, we quickly summarize the rule and ways to go around it. In SlotKing we can play online slots to win real money or just for fun, choice is yours.



One of the most famous slots in online casinos. Simple format, stunning design and wild sybols are what it's about.

Gonzos Quest

Gonzos Quest

This 3D graphic slot has been developed by Neten and is based on searching the city of gold using the tresurey map.



The seductive voice of the Egyptian queen keeps your engaged throughtout the session.

Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways

The slots combines Megaways, Reel Adventure, and Reactions mechanics to give you unique experience.

ABC Of How To Play Online Slots to win real money

Don't tell me you haven't seen a slot machine. Well, you may need to be reminded of the machine wherein if you put a coin its wheels would ring and give you a combination of symobols. Online slot machine is just that... Only difference is it's created to be played on your computer, smartphones, or tablets; and therefore has ability to give many reels and rows with attractive symbols and huge paylines. So, let's have a quick remider of its components:

Symbols - Symbols are normally either words or images. Theres are two types of symbols- regular and special ones. Special symbols comes in the form of scatter symbol, wild symbol, or bonus symbol.

Payline - It's the pattern which wins you payout. It depends upon the winning comination a plyer sets

Bet Level - It's the smallest unit that a player can use to bet

Bonus Round - It's the round which does not cost you anything, but you can still win. This you get once you atain certain level or achieve certain goal in the slot

So how to play it finally?

Once you have registered on the trusted online casino in UK you need to deposit some amount. The minimum amount is £/€/$ 10.

Now chose the bet size, payline. Take a look at pay table to get an idea of minimum bet size and paylines. One slected, click SPIN

The reels will start rolling and will stop to form a pattern of symbols in each row. If any of these patterns matches with predefined Paylines, you get rewarded per the value of the symbols in the payline.

Types of Online Slots

While mechnical slot machine had limitations in terms of number of rows and reels, online slots has beautifully overcome that. Although a huge number of slot machine is possible, these are a few which are more common which are mentioned below. These slots could be 3D ones to give three-deminesional experience. There are almost all the online slots which are compatible with mobiles, hence called mobile slots.

Classic Slot - This is exactaly same as the mechnical slot machine with no bonus or extras

3 Reels Classic Slots - This is again very similar to mechincial slot machine with 1 row and 3 colums. In order to win one happen to match the sysmbols that are found on the machine.

5 Reels Slots - This type of slots are the most popular ones. They have 5 columns and can come with 3, 5, 7, or even more rows. They come with superb graphics and sound track to keep the players entertained.

Fruit Machines - Typically a 3 Reels slot. It has fruits as symbols.

Video Slots - As the name suggests this kind of slots of high resolution videos around a theme or stroy. It normally has animated symbols.

Multi Payline Slots - These kind of slots have a huge range of paylines- small as well as big.The paylines could be straight, diagonal or ven zig-zag.

Progressive Slots - A progressive slot has huge rewards in terms of online jackpots which keeps on increasing each time a player puts the coin in the machine. Each time certain % of coin value is added to the jackpot value.

Tips To Win In Online Slots

While the winning combination is completely random and nobody can predict that, there are some tips which ust be kept in mind to maximize the chances of winning. These are:

Selection Of Slot - Always choose the slot which has high Return-To-Player (RTP) rate. RTP rate indicates the % of time a players wins in that slot over a long period of time.

Knowledge About The Slot - Know about the games first. Normally all brands provide demo of a slot. Play that demo to get a feel of the slot before placing real bet. Get the knowledge of symbols and features. The Paytable of a slot will give you an idea of the payout against a symbol. Also, it's important to learn about the payline of the slot. Ultimately this is what decides the winning in the end. Paytable gives an idea of which payline will win how much. Just keep these values in mind.

Discpline With Budget - At the end of the day it's gambling; So stop, when the fun stops. Pre-decide the budge. When the budget is over, stop the play. May be you aren't lucky today.

The best Online Slots UK

SlotKingCasino hosts a number of online slots, but here we will introduce you quickly to some of the best online slots UK to get started with. These are:

Startburst - Created by Netent, Startburst is one of the simplest yet engaging slots. No surprise it's one of the most popular slots. Its format is simple, but it has stunning designs and soundtracks with wild symbols.

Cleopatra - It's Egyptian themed video slot with 5 Reels and 20 paylines. The game can win you up to 10000x. The seductive voice of the Egyptian queen will keep you engaged for hours.

Gonzos's Quest- It's a video slot developed by Nettent. It's a medium variance game with RTP rate 95%. The game is themed on Spansih conquistador- Gonzo who steals a tresure map and start searching for the city of the gold. It has 3D graphics and as many as 7 symbols. There are 20 paylines.

Monopoly Megaways - The slot has been created by Big Time Gaming. It's a 6 reels slots with 96.5% RTP. You can win up to 15000x.The slots combines Megaways, Reel Adventure, and Reactions mechanics and give you unique experience.

What's more?

SlotKingCasino not only hosts a number of slots which varry in terms of Payouts, Paylines, RTP, theme, et al, but also it rewards the players in the form of bonuses and spins. It keeps running a number of promotions from time to time. There are progressive rewards as well. For example on first deposit you get certain reward, but that rewards increased on subsequent deposits. For VIP players there are quite a few special offers. Register today and unlock all the benefits for you.