9 online casino vip membership benefits you need to know

Slotkingcasino has a reward program that gives "VIP" treatment to the loyal players. A players who meets certain criteria and earn required points gets this status. It must be noted here that VIP word does not mean any discrimination, but better service to loyal and consistent players. Under this reward program he get many benefits. Some of these are listed below:

Here are the 9 benefits of being an VIP online casino member

Ticket to special events

VIP status at an online casinos is a prestigious status available for a limited category of players. These players stand unique in the crowd by depositing huge amount of money and bet in a large scale. Casino sites also take extra care about their VIP members by offering them tickets to live events, grand parties, casino events, destination trips and many more.

Casino points redeemed to desired currency

These are points that gets added to every players account when deposits in an online casino. They can either be used in the consecutive games or it can be converted to desired currency options. For a VIP member, the points required to convert into other currency will be lesser compared to a regular member. For example, if a normal member requires 500 points to get 1€, a VIP member would require just 250 points.

Gifts on special days such as birthday and anniversary

Anniversary and Birthday are two special events in every individuals life and for online casino sites to make it more special by giving away special gifts like electronic gadgets or organizing special casino deals like free spins no deposit . These benefits can be claimed only if you own a VIP membership.

Big prizes

VIP membership is owned by rich people who would be betting more and depositing more in an online casino. In order to keep them happy, casinos may provide big prizes in the form of cash, jewels, bikes and cars. This might seem exaggerating but there is some fact here about VIP casino member.

Exclusive tournaments (where no deposit for VIP members)

Online casinos have tournaments once in a while having multiple players and many new games involved in the tournament. Online casino tournaments will have entry fee as well as huge deposits to participate. In case of VIP member, they will not have any sort of entry fee and no deposit.

Withdrawal fee will be exempted (casino sites usually charge processing fee on payouts which can be relaxed if you are a VIP member)

Playing at an online casino is fun and at the same time it can fetch you a lot of money. Online casino sites these days have a lot of payment options including crypto currency through which player can deposit and withdraw the money. Thinking about crypto, check out how to choose a genuine crypto casino . Casinos will charge a percentage of processing fee during deposit and withdrawal. Being a VIP member, you will be exempted from paying these additional platform fees.

Speedy withdrawal for VIP member

Winning at an online casino is exciting but the withdrawal time makes player disappointed. On an average, withdrawals take around 3 to 4 days and sometimes it can extend to a week. In case of VIP members withdrawal time take few hours, which is one of the major benefits of being a VIP member in online casino.

Access to exclusive games

Online casino sites will have games exclusively developed for VIP players. Casinos will provide additional bonuses on these online casino games .

Exclusive offers and Rewards

Offers and rewards on online casino are always fancy. When it comes to VIP members, it becomes much more exciting. Offers such as free spins, no deposit bonuses, free entry to jackpot games, free scratch cards and the list goes on and on. These exclusive online casino offers will be targeted to one particular game.